BARRY KAMEN....sock it to me

"Respect, just a little bit"
I'm running out to Waitrose to buy my groceries and I know the only people that are gonna see me are the girls at the till, that doesn't mean I'll chuck on any old crap. I don't possess any old crap anymore, I'll still have on a sharp pair of socks and shoes. If you get the socks and shoes right the rest of the outfit falls into place. if you don't, it falls apart.
Who cares? The girls at the till don't give a toss. I care. I know.
My default setting is basically a pair of jeans and a cashmere sweater. But the shoes and the socks are key. Black Loafers, orange sock. Brown brogues, pale blue sock. Black Patents and an off white silk sock and so on. It's quiet and its thorough.
Wearing a dirty or shitty pair of socks is like having a grimey little secret. Like hidden MSG in an expensive meal. "It doesn't matter cos' nobody's gonna see em" is not the fucking point. You know the only person you're kidding is yourself.

The blues accordin' to Lightnin' Hopkins.....

foot race is on
look-a yonder
what do I see?
whole lotta somethin'
comin' at me.

The Man gives great sock!!


I travel a lot and I clock people from all over the planet. There are always the one or two that give you a knowing nod, acknowledging a timeless, universal code. Not the 'up to the minute trendy middle class' but the ones that understand detail. Maybe an old Gaucho in Argentina or a suited and booted old black guy on the Holloway Road in London.

This guy owns a fabric stall in Nags head market, Holloway. I shot him in Comme des Garcons and his own clothes for a japanese magazine with photographer Sal Idriss.

Shoot from outside the box

A pair of shorts is the perfect opportunity for us guys to work a sock and a fine shoe.

killer pose in the hose

Adidas advertorial for HUgE magazine in Tokyo.

Dad Buffalo 1935 style....

The world's a mess, we're racing headlong into a catastrophe that's been signposted for years. So how is wearing a fine merino or silk sock gonna help? It's not. But the mindset behind every action, every decision we make, may. It's all about our intention.
If we pay attention, listen, observe and respect ourselves and neighbours and consider the consequences of our actions than just maybe we can begin to force a change away from apathy. It's all all about the details. Each small detail mounts up and and soon begins to tip the balance. If we can take pride in ourselves, our habits, our behaviour, our appearance, our environment, not to impress others, not to be cred or cool, but just because its the best way to be, then we can begin to change.