Trainer blight

I know I went on before about the trench foot ballet slipper trend in London, but now that spring is almost here I have to ask:
Why do people wear trainers without socks?
a. your feet sweat,
b. your feet smell and
c. your shoes smell
not in any specific order.
Running shoes, trainers, sneakers, whatever you want to call them it's all the same.
Nuf said.

Ankle socks galore!

A lot of girls are wearing ankle socks this summer, which is good news!
All it takes is a couple of good weather days in London for people to start coming out with their fashion looks. Snapped this girl on Portobello road wearing striped leggings with checked sneakers and black ankle socks. Simple but nice!

We'll be on the lookout for more nice sock pics once the weather gets better......