BOOGALOO STU.......rocks!

"enough about you...let's talk about me"
You have to admit it takes a very confident person to pull off this look. I've never seen a man wear knee high socks with such style. Boogaloo Stu not only designs his own outfits (complete with socks & tie) but has also just released his second single "Just want you to know". What a night at his relaunch of 'Shinky Shonky' in Soho. What else can I say!

It IS all in the detail!

It's amazing the kind of conversations you get into once people know you have a cool sock website. Granted it was at a pub at a friend's birthday party. Here's someone who had EXACTLY matching Calvin Klein underwear and Burlington argyle socks in the same shade of green. (Shame I didn't get a better picture as it was taken on my mobile.)

I have to admit I was very impressed.

How to wear them DILEMMA?

So fine, socks are in the magazines but people ask - how do I wear them? (If you're one of those million girls who wore UGG boots don't even try and tell me socks aren't flattering.) As a starter if you're feeling a bit insecure buy a few magazines and see how they're styled up to get the general idea.

Here are TEN tips for the gals:
1. Over the knee socks look good but THINK twice before wearing with a miniskirt (slightly too school girl rah rah)
2. It's nice to CONTRAST a thicker ribbed sock with a floaty dress.
3. It's fine to see a bit of SKIN between your sock & dress otherwise you may as well wear tights.
4. Saying that, over the knee socks aren't as warm as wearing tights so you can keep it a SECRET if you're so inclined.
5. If you're going for a more 'fashion' look you can SCRUNCH down your knee socks to resemble a slouchy boot and wear with court shoes (pumps). If you keep the colours similar it will even look like you're wearing a boot.
6. If you're a sock NOVICE best to stay away from patterned socks as it's a much harder look to pull off (and not as flattering on the leg if you're concerned about that).
7. Short ankle socks can look really good with HEELS in the evening - it makes your outfit look less boring and also resembles those 'shoe boots' that are in fashion - again keep the same colour as your shoe unless you're more daring.
8. Socks are an easier look to pull off with CHUNKY heels than stilettos.
9. Think of socks as you would an ACCESSORY. It needs to match with everything else you have on.
10. Finally, if you're going to wear socks with SANDALS (yes, you heard right - girls only though!) make sure it's not going to rain that day.