NEIL & MICHAEL.........web boys extraordinaire

"I didn't realise that socks could make you feel sexy"
Neil (left) blames me for encouraging an expensive sock habit he never had before. Michael, on the other hand, needs no help in the dapper dressing department. By his own admission he dresses like his dad. Despite their disparate dress codes they've worked together for 8 years building their design business with clients ranging from Calvin Klein to sox-populi.com and like all good web designers they're based in Hoxton and sport the casual 'we don't really try but everything's coordinated' look.
Neil is particularly proud of his Converse sneakers (picked up in Shanghai) that are the perfect colour to go with denim (catch the laces!) paired with Pantherella houndstooth black & white socks for a great contrast. Michael's blue & red Pringle socks pick up all the colours in his check trousers, shirt and sweater. Country brogues & argyle. Excellent!
Good quality socks in merino wool or cotton that don't make your feet sweat, especially with trainers. Socks that cause a stir when you cross your legs and flash a bit of colour. Love it!


Speaking of ARGYLE

Did you know that Burlington socks only have their brass stamp on one sock? Wear it on the left foot to show. These Burlington socks are worn to pick up the colours in the check trousers. Burlington socks for girls are great with lace-up shoes to give that 'boyish' look in style this winter. It doesn't matter whether you're a girl or boy, there's nothing worse than a nicely coordinated outfit with dodgy socks that show when you sit down (especially so when you're wearing shorter length trousers).


CHECK please

Once again, my camera shy friend is wearing great socks (he must plan his outfit around his socks when he's meeting me). This time a giant houndstooth check from Pantherella with his black leather Converse high-tops. It worked well as the socks were the most vibrant part of his outfit with the rest quite plain: jeans, turtleneck and a traditional Swedish wool jacket in an olivey grey. Clearly wearing a bright sock with a dark shoe can be a good look. We were on a British Rail train; you can spot the telltale upholstery pattern on the chair!

CHUNKY socks

That photo of Georgia reminded me that you don't have to wear knee-high or over-the-knee socks pulled up tight. You can bag them down for a more casual look and especially if the socks are chunky, it can sometimes be more flattering on the leg as it makes the rest of your leg looks slimmer in comparison (just remember how everyone was wearing those Ugg boots!). If socks & shoes are in the same colour you'll definitely get the visual effect of a soft boot.
Chunky socks can be a nice contrast if you're wearing a flowy smock dress. Sort of bohemian meets milkmaid. These shoes are from London designers The Jacksons, socks from Jonathan Aston worn over black leggings and just shows you can pair things in an unexpected way.

GEORGIA VAUX.........lovely!

"love chunky knee-high socks"
Georgia's got the layered look spot on in tones of blue and grey. Nice touch with the caramel Marc Jacobs platform sandals. We've got a thing for patent shoes at the moment and they're a great contrast to chunky knit socks. A sock lover after our own heart, we like how she pulled the whole outfit together with the granddad cardigan and cap.
Given her style it's no surprise that Georgia & Louise Scott-Smith design fashion-led accessories for the home - plates, glasses and more in beautiful candy colours with a retro romantic Vegas feel. They're working on a capsule collection of womens accessories as well.
"Socks that fit your feet so you can wear them with high heels. Chunky but not overly chunky. Socks with heels are great."


TWINKLE twinkle

Gold or silver sequin dresses are all over the mags this season (see Nov post 'sox-populi in Grazia') paired with black tights & shoes/boots for a kind of Barbarella meets Gigi vibe. If you want to wear sparkle this winter it's best to focus on one part of your body ie sequin dress, plain tights & shoes or sparkly shoes, plain black dress. Metallic socks with patent shoes (these, believe it or not are from Faith - I think they were a Balenciaga copy!) can be great with dark jeans too. The silver shoes are from TopShop and you could even pair them with silver socks if you want to really go for it. But beware: keep the rest super plain!

FRANCESCA WILLIAMS..........wonder full!

"check out my site"
Great look, great colours, great website! Francesca has taken the layered look to a new level with coloured footless socks over tights. Francesca is her own best advertisement and she carries off this look with aplomb. Below the sticker she gave me.